Best dog friendly cars 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Best Dog-Friendly Cars of 2024, presented by DailyPetStuff! As pet lovers and automobile enthusiasts, we understand the importance of finding the perfect vehicle that accommodates not just the needs of human passengers but our furry friends as well. With the growing number of pet owners who wish to include their dogs in their travel plans, the automotive industry has responded by designing cars with pet-friendly features.

In this guide, we will explore the top cars of 2024 that stand out for their dog-friendly amenities. From spacious interiors and easy-to-clean surfaces to advanced safety features and climate control options specifically designed for pets, we have scrutinized a range of vehicles to help you find the best match for you and your canine companion.

Best dog friendly cars 2024


#1 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe is hitting the scene with a groundbreaking redesign that ushers in the fifth generation of this beloved SUV, marking a bold departure from its predecessor’s more conservative design. It’s a seven-seater marvel that comes in eight different trim levels, with the SEL FWD leading the pack in popularity. This particular model starts at $37,845 and is powered by a 2.5L I4 Turbo engine, offering a balance of power and efficiency with an estimated fuel economy of 20 MPG city and 29 MPG highway.

What Sets It Apart

The latest Santa Fe is a statement piece, shedding the rounded edges of the outgoing model for a more angular and assertive appearance that highlights its straight lines and sharp corners. Not only does this SUV catch the eye, but it also promises more room for passengers and cargo alike, thanks to a lengthened wheelbase. Hyundai has ambitiously included a third row of seating, expanding the Santa Fe’s capacity and versatility, and putting it in direct conversation with the larger Palisade, which also seats up to eight.

Interior Innovations

Inside, the Santa Fe mirrors its exterior transformation with a modern and minimalist design featuring broad, flat surfaces accented by crisp lines. The technological centerpiece is a curved, panoramic display that seamlessly integrates the instrument panel with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, offering a futuristic user experience. Positioned conveniently are additional controls and not one, but two wireless charging pads, ensuring devices are always powered up and within reach.

Under the Hood

While Hyundai has kept the specifics under wraps, a 2.5T badge spotted in initial photos hints at the continuation of the 2.5-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the current lineup. This powertrain choice promises to deliver a compelling blend of performance and efficiency.

Looking Ahead

Set to hit the market in late 2023, the redesigned 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe is not just a new chapter for the model but a radical evolution that positions it as a more formidable contender in the midsize SUV segment. Its blend of bold design, enhanced space, and advanced technology signals Hyundai’s intent to push the boundaries of what a family SUV can be. Whether you’re drawn to its striking aesthetics, the promise of more room, or the lure of cutting-edge features, the new Santa Fe is poised to redefine expectations and captivate a new generation of SUV enthusiasts.

#2 Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru has always had a way of embodying the spirit of adventure, practically inviting you to grab your gear (and your furry friends) and head out into the great outdoors. It’s the vehicular embodiment of a spontaneous college camping trip, with the kind of rugged charm and readiness for anything that makes it a perfect match for the adventurous soul. If you could drive the essence of Colorado, it would definitely come in the form of a Subaru, a brand celebrated in one of the most dog-friendly states in the nation.

Among Subaru’s lineup, the Crosstrek stands out as a particularly popular choice for those who seek both adventure and practicality. Nestled comfortably between the more compact Impreza and the larger Outback, the Crosstrek offers an ideal balance. Its elevated ground clearance opens up a world of off-road possibilities not typically accessible to its sedan sibling, yet it remains more maneuverable and city-friendly than the bulkier Outback. The option for a hybrid powertrain only sweetens the deal, enhancing the Crosstrek’s appeal with the promise of efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Then there’s the Subaru Forester, a vehicle that’s become synonymous with reliability, capability, and spaciousness. It’s a testament to Subaru’s long-standing reputation for crafting vehicles that endure and excel across a spectrum of needs and environments. The Forester’s ergonomic design shines, whether it’s serving as a daily driver or the chariot for weekend escapades into nature. Its spacious interior, generous headroom, expansive cargo area, and roomy back seat make it a haven for dogs and humans alike, ensuring comfort no matter where the road or trail leads.

Both the Crosstrek and Forester exemplify Subaru’s commitment to delivering vehicles that are not just transport, but gateways to adventure, making them perfect companions for those who view every drive as a potential journey into the wild.

#3 Nissan Frontier

Best dog friendly cars 2024

Nissan Frontier

In the realm of small pickup trucks tailored for the adventurers and the trailblazers, the Nissan Frontier stands alone at the summit. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a passport to the great outdoors, designed with the off-road enthusiast in mind. Standard configurations include a spacious large cab or a crew cab with four doors, ensuring there’s more than enough room for your canine companion to join in on the adventures.

The Frontier’s rear bed, complemented by an optional integrated tailgate extender, turns this pickup into the ultimate camping ally. This setup isn’t just about space; it’s about maximizing the utility and flexibility needed for those long weekends spent exploring the wilderness. Whether it’s camping gear, mountain bikes, or an overnight crate for your dog, the Frontier can carry it all, making sure you’re well-prepared for whatever the journey might throw at you.

#4 SsangYong Rexton

 SsangYong Rexton

Riding in with a name that might make you think of a mystery-solving canine’s catchphrase, the SsangYong Rexton truly leaps bounds ahead of its predecessor, offering an intriguing blend of luxury feel and rugged utility. This makes it an appealing choice for dog owners looking for a reliable vehicle to transport their furry companions in comfort and style.

The Rexton presents a compelling package that doesn’t demand a treasure hunt to afford, especially impressive given its generous dimensions. Available in configurations of either five or seven seats, it tailors itself nicely to the needs of pet parents. The five-seater version, in particular, shines for dog owners, thanks to its cavernous 820-litre boot space. This volume expands to an even more spacious 1,977 litres with the seats down, ensuring plenty of room for your dog and all your adventure gear, from crates to camping supplies.

For those who opt for the seven-seat variant, the Rexton doesn’t skimp on comfort, offering third-row air conditioning. This feature is a boon for keeping your dog cool on the go without having to resort to open windows and the ensuing wind buffeting at highway speeds. Both seating arrangements come with thoughtful additions like a dog guard option and rubber floor mats, underscoring the Rexton’s pet-friendly design ethos.

Under the hood, the Rexton is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine, a proud SsangYong innovation. Though it may vocalize a bit during spirited acceleration — a trait you might amusingly compare to a dog’s enthusiastic bark — the performance remains solid. Paired with a Mercedes-sourced gearbox, the drive is smooth and reliable. The Rexton exudes an aura of durability and build quality, suggesting it’s more than capable of being a steadfast companion for you and your four-legged friend on many adventures to come, without the worry of being left stranded.

#5 Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s innovative approach to car design extends to our four-legged friends, with each model featuring the thoughtful ‘Dog Mode’. However, when it comes to balancing the needs of both pet and owner, the Model Y stands out as the quintessential all-rounder. Building on the impressive foundation laid by the Model 3, the Model Y takes it up a notch with an SUV body that naturally lends itself to greater practicality.

The Model Y’s spaciousness is a boon for dog owners. With up to 854 litres of cargo space in the rear, complemented by an additional 117 litres in the front trunk—or ‘frunk’—there’s ample room for your dog and all the accessories they might need, whether it’s for a day trip or a longer adventure. This generous storage capacity means you won’t have to leave behind that extra toy or bag of treats to keep your furry companion happy on the road.

One of the standout features of the Model Y, particularly for pet owners, is the innovative ‘Dog Mode’. This unique setting ensures that if you need to step away from the car and leave your dog behind for a short period, they remain safe and comfortable. By maintaining an optimal temperature through the vehicle’s climate control system, ‘Dog Mode’ creates a pleasant environment for your pet. Furthermore, it addresses the concern of well-meaning passers-by by clearly displaying a message that the dog is in no danger and the climate control is active.

This blend of spaciousness, practicality, and thoughtful features like ‘Dog Mode’ makes the Tesla Model Y an ideal choice for pet owners who seek a vehicle that caters to the comfort and safety of their canine companions while offering the performance and innovation Tesla is known for.

#6 Honda Jazz

Despite its compact stature, the Honda Jazz punches well above its weight in terms of dog-friendliness, thanks in no small part to a feature affectionately dubbed ‘Magic Seats’. This ingenious design is a game-changer, setting the Jazz apart as one of the most versatile superminis available. The ability to either fold the rear seats flat in the traditional manner or flip the seat bases up completely transforms the interior space. This flexibility ensures that taller items—or indeed, your four-legged friends—can comfortably occupy the space between the front and rear seats, offering a unique alternative to the boot for your pet’s travel needs.

Adding to its appeal, the latest iteration of the Honda Jazz is available exclusively as a hybrid. This move towards electrification not only aligns with the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles but also promises significant savings on running costs. With a fuel economy claim of over 60 miles per gallon, the Jazz is gentle on both the planet and your wallet, freeing up more funds for those all-important dog treats. And let’s be honest, your canine companion will definitely expect you to share the savings—in the form of snacks, of course.

The Honda Jazz, with its ‘Magic Seats’ and efficient hybrid powertrain, proves that size isn’t everything. It’s a testament to clever design and thoughtful engineering, making it a top pick for pet owners seeking a practical, economical, and surprisingly spacious vehicle for their furry friends.

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