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Best eco friendly dog beds 2024

Looking for eco friendly dog beds ? In an era where sustainability has become paramount, finding eco-friendly options for our pets is more important than ever. This blog introduces the best eco-friendly dog beds of 2024, combining comfort, style, and environmental consciousness. It highlights how choosing the right bed can significantly impact not just our pets’ well-being but also the planet’s health, guiding eco-conscious pet owners through a curated list of top-rated, sustainable beds that don’t compromise on quality or comfort.


Best eco friendly dog beds 2024


#1 Avocado Organic Dog Bed

Avocado Organic Dog Bed


Yo, check this out – if you’re all about that Avocado mattress life for yourself, guess what? They’ve rolled out an eco-friendly dog bed that’s got eco-warriors and pooches wagging their tails in excitement! Here’s the lowdown:

  • Sizes Galore: Whether you’ve got a little pupper or a big ol’ doggo, they’ve got you covered with sizes Small/Medium to Large/Extra Large.
  • Cool Colors: Pick from Field of Green, Squirrel Grey, Salmon Pink, or Mailman Blue. Yes, they’re as cute as they sound.

Why It’s Awesome:

  • 100% Organic: We’re talking top-tier, GOTS organic certified, goodbye to nasty chemicals and pollutants.
  • Dunlop Latex Magic: An inch of firm, supportive 100% GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex sits atop three inches of breezy coconut husk. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • No Bad Stuff: Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, eco-INSTITUT, and free from toxic junk. It’s like a detox for your dog’s nap time.

Extra Goodies:

  • Waterproof Liner: A mix of 95% organic cotton and 5% polyurethane keeps things dry.
  • Organic Cotton Cover: Soft, sweat-absorbing, and fights off odors. Plus, it’s removable and washable.
  • Handmade Vibes: No nasty chemical adhesives here – it’s all needle tufted by hand.

Bonus Points:

  • Optional Dog Pillow: Customize that squish factor with a buckwheat hull-filled pillow.
  • Eco-Chic Dog Bed Frame: Crafted from FSC certified wood for the stylish eco-pup.

Pricing & Eco-Creds:

  • Starts at $169 on sale. Not just a bed, but a MadeSafe certified, PETA approved piece of comfy luxury made right in Los Angeles.
  • Big Eco Bonus: Avocado is a Certified B Corporation and a carbon negative hero.

#2 P.L.A.Y. 


Heads up, eco-pet parents! P.L.A.Y. is kickin’ it as a trailblazer in the pet industry with its certified B Corporation status, proving you can spoil your fur babies and still be kind to the planet. Here’s the scoop:

  • Eco-Warrior Vibes: These champs are on a mission with their PlanetFill® recycled plastic bottle polyfiber, turning nearly three million bottles away from landfills into cozy dog beds. Talk about a win-win!
  • DIY Cool Factor: With their Fill-a-Bed and Change-a-Cover system, you grab a stylish cover and a sack, then DIY the stuffing with your old textiles. Eco-friendly and fun!
  • Minimalist Packaging: They’re not just about the products; they’re cutting down on waste with FSC certified paper for packaging and aiming for minimal environmental footprints.
  • Ethical All The Way: As a Green America Green Business, they ensure fair wages, donate 2% of profits to charities, support homeless pets, and even throw senior dog adoption shindigs. Plus, they don’t forget about humans, contributing to various human-oriented causes too.
  • Artsy Fartsy Designs: Unlike the more straightforward styles of some competitors, P.L.A.Y.’s bed covers are crafted by artists from San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, making your dog’s bed a piece of art.

But, here’s the rub:

  • Not All Organic: The main hiccup? Their beds aren’t made from organic materials. And while recycling plastic bottles is awesome, this material can still release undesirable chemicals.

#3 Rawganique 100% Organic Cotton Pet Bed

Rawganique 100% Organic Cotton Pet Bed

Rawganique’s Sesame 100% Organic Cotton Pet Bed is where it’s at for pet lovers who dig the eco-friendly vibe. Here’s the lowdown on why this bed rocks:

  • Pure Goodness: This bed is a 4-inch thick slice of heaven that’s free from all the bad stuff – no polyester, fire retardants, or other weird chemicals. Your pet gets a comfy spot without any of the harmful extras.
  • Choose Your Adventure: You can grab just the insert or the cover, depending on what you need. The covers are tough 100% USA organic cotton twill, in five cool colors plus a natural and black option that’s dye-free.
  • Organic Inside Out: The stuffing? Nothing but 100% certified organic cotton batting. This bed is keeping it real with zero dioxins, formaldehyde, fire retardants, or any chemical nasties.
  • Made Right: Handmade sweatshop-free in the USA, so you’re doing good by your pet and the people making these beds.
  • Wait for It: Since each bed is made to order, gear up for a 2-3 week wait for production, plus shipping time. Patience pays off with a top-notch, eco-conscious bed for your furry pal.

Bottom Line: Rawganique’s pet bed is a no-brainer for the eco-conscious pet owner. It’s all about giving your pet a safe, cozy place to chill while sticking to your green principles. Just hang tight for the made-to-order magic to happen!

#4 Essentia Kingston Dog Bed

Essentia Kingston Dog Bed

ChatGPT Classic

Check this out – the Essentia Kingston Dog Bed is basically like giving your pup a VIP pass to Snoozeville, all while keeping it eco-friendly and stylish. Here’s why it’s a total must-have:

  • North American Goodness: Made with love in North America, ensuring quality and supporting local.
  • Latex Memory Foam Comfort: We’re talking a natural latex memory foam mattress here. Yes, the same high-quality stuff they use in human beds, so your dog’s getting top-tier comfort.
  • Washable Cotton Cover: Got a messy pup? No sweat. The soft cotton cover slips right off and is totally machine washable.
  • No-Slip, No-Scratch: Thanks to the SoftGrip cotton bottom, this bed’s staying put without scratching up your floors.
  • Vegan & Eco-Friendly: No adhesives, just natural rubber mattress materials. It’s kind to animals and the planet.
  • Green Production: Made in a GOLS and GOTS certified factory in Canada, Essentia’s cutting down on carbon emissions and keeping things green.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: Got a question? Essentia’s known for their responsive and helpful customer service.
  • Affordable Luxury: Despite all these awesome features, the bed won’t break the bank. It’s affordable, breathable, and stylish – basically, everything your pup could want.

Bottom Line: If you want your dog to sleep as well as you do (or maybe even better), the Essentia Kingston Dog Bed is where it’s at. Eco-friendly, comfy, and cool, it’s a no-brainer for the pampered pup in your life.

#5 OMI Organic Pet Bed

OMI Organic Pet Bed

OMI’s Got the Goods for Pooches: OMI isn’t just about human comfort; they’ve got our furry friends sorted too. Their pet beds are a standout, especially if you’re into keeping things organic and toxin-free. Here’s the lowdown in chill speak:

  • Made in the USA Goodness: Crafted with care in their own factory, where workers are all about that smoke-free and scent-free life, ensuring nothing toxic sneaks into your pet’s snooze zone.
  • What’s Not in It: Forget about nasty stuff like polyurethane foam, chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde, anti-fungicides, or pesticide-treated cotton. None of that’s making its way to your dog’s bed.
  • What’s Totally in It: These beds are packed with certified organic cotton, organically-grown buckwheat hulls, and a comfy Talalay 100% natural rubber ring to keep the sides sturdy. The inner cushion? It’s a cozy mix of organic cotton and buckwheat hulls, neatly tucked into two chambers for even distribution.
  • Switch It Up: Hot summer night? The buckwheat side keeps things chill. Cold winter evening? Flip to the cotton-filled side for coziness. Plus, the buckwheat hulls let your pup nest and fluff up their bed exactly how they like it.
  • Easy-Peasy Cleaning: With GreenGuard certification, these beds are not just clean but easy to keep that way, thanks to removable and machine washable covers. Just line dry or toss them in the dryer on low heat.
  • Sizes for Every Pup: Whether you’ve got a tiny terrier or a big ol’ bear, sizes run from small (22 x 22 inches) to medium (31 x 35 inches) to large (40 x 51 inches). And yup, you can snag new covers or inserts whenever you need.

#6 The Futon Shop Natural Pet Mattress

The Futon Shop Natural Pet Mattress

Imagine a bed so comfy and natural that even you’d be tempted to curl up on it. That’s what the Futon Shop in San Francisco has whipped up with their Natural Pet Mattress. We’re talking a masterpiece crafted from organic cotton, natural Dunlop latex, some sturdy coconut coir mixed with latex, and wool from US-raised sheep. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Your Options: You’ve got choices to make, and they’re all good:

  • Coconut and wool for the crunchy feel
  • Latex and wool for a softer snooze
  • Organic cotton for the eco-conscious pup
  • Pure wool for those who run hot or cold

Wool is the MVP here, folks. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of materials – keeps your pup the perfect temp, shakes off water, and says ‘bye’ to pests. Plus, the mattress comes with an Outdura cover that’s tough enough to handle a little paw action, water-resistant, and a breeze to clean. It’s not invincible against a flood, but hey, it’s got your back against spills.

The Catch: Once you buy it, it’s yours for keeps – no returns, refunds, or swaps. But honestly, it’s so awesome, your doggo won’t even think about giving it up.

Deal Alert: Right now, they’re slashing prices by 35%! You can snag a small mattress starting at $59.90 and a large one for about $98.80. Got a gentle giant at home? The Futon Shop’s got you covered with custom sizes too.

So, if you’re in the market for a bed that promises sweet dreams for your pup and peace of mind for you, the Natural Pet Mattress is where it’s at. Your furry friend deserves the best, and this just might be it.

#7 Molly Mutt

Best eco friendly dog beds 2024

ChatGPT Classic

We stumbled upon a gem of a find with Molly Mutt, a modest operation with a mission to revolutionize dog beds by simplifying them. Born out of frustration from hauling loads of laundry, including a dog bed, to and from a laundromat in San Francisco, co-founder Molly was inspired to craft a solution—a stuff-sack and dog bed cover that could be filled with old textiles we’d normally toss away.

Now, we offer eco-friendly dog bed covers in at least 25 patterns, catering to various interior design preferences. Each bed features a zipper closure and a 5-inch gusset with piping, ensuring the bed retains its shape.

This DIY approach not only breathes new life into our discarded clothes, pillows, and textiles, thereby dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and landfill impact, but it also simplifies the cleaning process. If our dog makes a mess, we can easily remove the contents and wash them, avoiding the fate that befalls many traditional dog beds that can’t be salvaged after accidents.

We love the versatility of these beds. Depending on our dog’s needs, we can adjust the stuffing—more support for aging joints or less for cooler sleeping conditions during summer. Even cooler, literally, we can freeze a towel overnight and use it to stuff the bed, keeping our furry friend comfortable on hot days. Plus, the ease of packing makes these beds perfect for travel.

Our only qualm? We haven’t yet embraced organic cotton for our bed covers and stuff sacks. Given the environmental toll of conventional cotton production, an organic option would elevate our product to the pinnacle of eco-friendliness. Here’s hoping we pick up on this and make a change, aligning our product fully with our eco-conscious ethos.

#8 Harry Barker

#5 Beco Pets Donut Bed

Harry Barker is on the scene with their array of dog beds and pet goodies, taking a green approach where they can. The star of their lineup? The Grain Sack dog bed cover, crafted from hemp, and its buddy, a mattress insert filled with recycled plastic bottles. You’ve got options for every size of snoozer – Large, Medium, and Small – with prices kicking off at $80 for a small bed cover alone, or a combo deal with the insert for $160, stretching up to $100 for the Large cover, and $200 if you’re grabbing the cover and insert together. And for the pups with a taste for the finer things, monogramming is on the table, because nothing says “mine” quite like your name on your bed.

Harry Barker doesn’t stop there. They’re all about the upcycled and recycled vibe, tossing in azo-free dyes to keep things extra green. They’re not just about selling products; they’re about giving back, with a portion of their proceeds going to a select few charities.

#10 Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding

So, Nest Bedding has jumped into the pet scene with their Bolstered Dog Bed. It’s super comfy but kinda slouchy, which might give it a quirky, lopsided vibe. The filling? It’s made from 100% recycled plastic waste—yeah, they’re turning our soda bottles into cozy spots for our dogs. The cover’s a bit of a mixed bag, though. It’s cotton canvas, which is cool, but it’s the regular kind, not organic. No dyes, though, so there’s that. And these beds are all about the local touch, handmade right in California.

You can grab one in small, medium, or large, depending on how much room your furry friend needs to sprawl. Cleaning’s a breeze too—just toss it in the wash on a gentle cycle and hang it up to dry.

Nest’s also got a wool dog bed in their lineup, but it’s kinda shrouded in mystery. They’re not spilling the beans on how it’s made. And given Nest’s track record with a bit of greenwashing—like hyping up their synthetic memory foam as “eco-friendly”.

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