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Best pet friendly candles 2024

What are the best candles to burn around pets?

Candle season isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. Every season is a perfect excuse to ignite a candle, envelop yourself in its glow, and let the fragrant dance of aromatherapy whisk you away. But here’s the inside scoop— not all candles are your pet’s best friend. We’re all about integrating candles into your daily groove, but we’re also here to school you on the art of choosing pet-safe candles. These aren’t just safe for your furball; they’re also rocking a cleaner, greener vibe that’s a win for everyone.

Why Your Run-of-the-Mill Candles Aren’t Pet-Safe:

Prepare for a plot twist—many candles on your typical store shelf aren’t the best buddies for your pets. Loren Lewin, the mastermind behind Companion Candles, spilled the wax, “Most store-bought candles cozy up with paraffin wax, a petroleum-derived concoction. Not great for you, and definitely not great for your pets.” Hold onto your wicks; it gets juicier. The fragrances? Often oil-based and hiding nasty companions like carcinogens and toxins, linked to a backstage pass for cancer, birth defects, and organ diseases.

According to the National Candle Association, when your candle ignites its wax waltz, it turns into microscopic particles of hydrogen and carbon, ready for you and your pets to inhale. Cue the concern. This is why the nitty-gritty of ingredients matters more than you think.

What Makes a Candle the VIP Guest at Your Pet’s Paw-ty:

Now, onto the brighter side—there’s a whole universe of candles out there crafted with safe ingredients for both you and your fur-coated pals. Loren’s secret sauce? Go for soy- or coconut wax-based candles. Clean, safe, and they’ve got that eco-friendly swagger. Don’t forget beeswax if you’re not fussed about it being a bit un-cruelty-free.

But that’s not all. Loren dishes out more wisdom—sniff out candles with fragrance from essential oils. For wicks, pick cotton or wooden ones with no spray. Oh, and do a double-check; ensure those cotton wicks haven’t been soaking in any chemical dramas.

Note to Self: Your Pet is a Scent Connoisseur:

Hold your horses—dogs and cats are scent aficionados. A heavily perfumed candle that has you doing the happy dance might send your pet into sensory overdrive. And speaking of dance, let’s avoid a tango with danger. Some essential oils, like wintergreen, tea tree, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, cinnamon, and citrus, might sound like a fragrant symphony to you but are a pet toxicity risk. Keep your pet’s sniffing adventure safe and sound.

So, there you have it—the illuminated path to pet-friendly candle nirvana. Choose wisely, light responsibly, and let the flickering flames create moments that are safe, soothing, and unforgettable for both you and your cherished furry friend. Happy candle journeying!

How do you know if a candle is pet safe?

Ensuring a candle is pet-safe involves considering various factors related to its composition and design. Here are some tips to help you determine if a candle is safe for pets:

  1. Ingredients: Look for candles made from natural, pet-friendly materials such as soy wax or beeswax. Avoid candles with paraffin, as burning paraffin can release potentially harmful substances.
  2. Fragrances: Opt for candles scented with pet-safe essential oils. Some scents, particularly those derived from certain plants, can be toxic to pets. Make sure the candle explicitly mentions the use of safe fragrances.
  3. Wicks: Choose candles with cotton wicks, as they are generally safer than those with metal or lead cores. Metal-core wicks can release harmful substances when burned.
  4. Dyes and Additives: Avoid candles with artificial dyes or additives, as these may contain chemicals that could be harmful to pets.
  5. Certifications: Look for candles that are labeled as pet-friendly, non-toxic, or specifically designed for households with pets. Some candles may have certifications indicating their safety.
  6. Minimal Dripping: Candles that produce minimal dripping are preferable, as excess wax on the floor can pose a hazard to pets.
  7. Reviews and Recommendations: Check reviews from other pet owners or seek recommendations from pet-friendly communities. Real experiences can provide valuable insights into the safety and effectiveness of a particular candle.
  8. Manufacturer Information: Visit the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly to inquire about the ingredients and safety measures taken in the production of the candles.

Remember that even with pet-safe candles, it’s essential to monitor your pets when candles are burning and keep them out of reach to prevent accidental contact or ingestion. If you have specific concerns or if your pet has sensitivities, consulting with a veterinarian is always a good idea.

Best pet friendly candles 2024


#1 Stone Candles COCO11WT 11 oz Coconut Candle

Stone Candles COCO11WT 11 oz Coconut Candle

Say goodbye to the mundane and dive into the world of the COCO line by Stone Candles. This paraben-free candle isn’t just a beacon of light; it’s a commitment to purity and tranquility. Crafted with non-GMO, food-grade certified coconut oil and boasting a lead-free cotton wick, this candle is more than a flickering flame—it’s a promise of clean burning, delightful fragrances, and a touch of eco-conscious luxury.

#2 Crackling Wood Wick Candle in Yuzu Citrus by Hemlock Park

Crackling Wood Wick Candle in Yuzu Citrus by Hemlock Park

This candle features organic coconut wax and a wooden wick for a charming crackling sound while burning. The wood comes from sustainably harvested fruit trees by California’s Hemlock Park. Fragrance is derived from plant-based essential oils, free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Plus, these candles are completely vegan and cruelty-free.

#3 Uncorked Wine Candles

Uncorked Wine Candles

Hey wine lovers, check out these awesome candles! Craig Davies made them with his furry friends in mind, creating a safe treat for his rescue dogs. Perfect for candle and wine buffs, these gems are crafted from 100% soy wax, essential oils, and even upcycled wine bottles. Plus, the cotton wicks add that cozy touch. So, when you light one up, it’s a win for your pup and the planet. Cheers to guilt-free indulgence! 🍷🕯️

#4 Soy Candle in Linen by Lone Crow Candleworks

Soy Candle in Linen by Lone Crow Candleworks

Check out this awesome Etsy shop based in Chicago, owned by a fantastic woman! They’ve got a bunch of hand-poured soy wax candles in amazing scents. Each candle is made in small batches, featuring a cotton wick and top-notch fragrance oil. The eco-friendly glass jar with a screw-top lid is not only reusable but also a cool touch. And the best part? You can snag one starting at just $8 for a 4oz. candle. That price point is hard to beat! 🕯️✨

#5 Pet House Candle in Apple Cider by One Fur All

Pet House Candle in Apple Cider by One Fur All

Meet the ultimate pet-friendly candle – the Pet House candle. It’s crafted with your furry friends in mind and works wonders on pet odors. These candles are hand-poured, filled with 100% natural soy wax, and come with lead-free cotton wicks. No paraffin dyes, formaldehyde, or other harmful stuff here. Plus, they burn for up to 60 hours, ensuring your space stays fresh for a good, long while. 🐾🕯️

#6 Cedar & Suede Soy Candle (7oz)

Best pet friendly candles 2024

Cedar & Suede Soy Candle (7oz)

Public Goods is our latest go-to retailer, and here’s why: their dedication to sustainability and clean ingredients is unmatched, and it won’t break the bank! Their candles are the real deal – 100% plastic-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, lead-free, and phthalate-free. With cotton wicks and top-notch essential oils for scent, they’re a win-win. According to one reviewer, the candle offers a “clean burn” and a “subtle aroma.” That’s our kind of perfection! 🌿🕯️

#7 Beeswax Chanukah Candles by Ner Mitzvah

Beeswax Chanukah Candles by Ner Mitzvah

With the holiday season approaching, pet safety around the menorah is a top concern. Look no further than Ner Mitzvah for a worry-free solution. Their Chanukah candles are crafted from 100% pure beeswax, giving them a warm, yellow hue. Certified kosher and causing minimal dripping, these candles provide peace of mind that your pets won’t be inhaling any toxic ingredients. A happy reviewer exclaimed, “I love these. I’ve been experimenting with different brands for the last few years. I really wanted beeswax, something that didn’t drip a ton, and looked pretty. These are that.” 🕎🐾

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