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Best pet friendly vacations east coast 2024

What is the most pet-friendly place to live?

Thinking of a getaway to the East Coast? Why not make it an adventure for you and your four-legged friend? From beaches to parks, here are some top spots that are not just vacation-friendly but also roll out the welcome mat for your beloved pets.

Join us as we unveil the top dog-friendly destinations along the East Coast, where sandy paws, wagging tails, and unforgettable moments await. From picturesque beaches to lush parks, each location has something special to offer for both humans and their furry sidekicks. Get ready to explore, relax, and create memories that will make your travels truly extraordinary. Welcome to a world where every adventure is better with your best friend by your side!

Best pet friendly vacations east coast 2024


1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A Dog’s Paradise by the Shore

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is like a dream come true for dogs. With 13 hotels ready to host you and your furry companion, it’s a win-win. The Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort is just one of the welcoming options. And let’s talk about attractions – there are 4 places where your dog is the VIP, including 2 dog-friendly beaches. Imagine your pup frolicking in the sand at Myrtle Beach or Myrtle Beach State Park! But the real treat? Barc Parc South, an off-leash dog park with spaces for both big and small dogs and its own doggie lake – an absolute tail-wagger!

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Southern Hospitality for Furry Friends

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is not just charming for humans; it’s a dog’s paradise too. With 12 pet-friendly hotels, you and your pup can soak in the Southern charm. Check out Brittle Bank Park – a dog-friendly attraction that’ll have your furry friend’s tail wagging in no time. And for beach lovers, there are 3 dog-friendly options, including Beach at Sullivans Island and Folly Beach. Need some off-leash fun? Charleston boasts 11 dog parks, and James Island Country Park, with its own beach and spacious grassy areas, is a canine haven.

3. Greenville, South Carolina

Tail-Wagging Fun in Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is practically tailor-made for dogs. Picture this – 25 pet-friendly hotels and 5 dog-friendly attractions. The Barkery Bistro and Paris Mountain State Park are just waiting for you and your furry friend to explore. And for the active pups, there are 4 dog-friendly hiking trails, including the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail and Falls Park on the Reedy. But the real doggy delight? Three off-leash parks – Pelham Mill Dog Park, Conestee Dog Park, and Red Bran Dog Park – where your dog can let loose and have a blast.

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville: A Dog’s Wonderland

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a doggie wonderland with 26 pet-friendly hotels and 4 dog-friendly attractions. The options are plenty, from the French Broad River Dog Park to the Patton Avenue Pet Company and Dog Park. Hiking enthusiasts, rejoice! There are 4 dog-friendly trails, including the Biltmore Estate and Carolina Mountain Trail. Asheville is a haven for dogs and their owners, where every street corner is an opportunity for a tail-wagging adventure.


5. Nags Head, North Carolina

A Coastal Retreat for Canine Companions

Nags Head, North Carolina

Nags Head is a true haven for dogs, making it one of the top spots for a memorable trip with your furry friend. Two pet-friendly hotels, Comfort Inn South Oceanfront and Travelers Oceanside Inn, cater to both you and your pup’s comfort. Nags Head offers not just one, but three dog-friendly beaches – Nags Head Beach, Oregon Inlet 4WD Beach, and Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Get ready for some sand-between-the-paws fun!

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

Southern Charm and Dog-Friendly Delights

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, a beautiful city, is a prime location for a dog-friendly adventure with a whopping 67 pet-friendly hotels. The Whitewater Rafting Center and William Davies Park top the list of dog-friendly attractions. Your pup will love the Charlotte Trolley Trail, a dog-friendly hiking trail that promises a tail-wagging good time. And for some off-leash joy, explore William Davies Park, Barkingham Park at Reedy Creek Park, Fetching Meadow at McAlpine Creek Park, Shuffletown Park, Frazier Dog Park, and Mallard and Clark’s Creek Greenway – all designed for your dog’s delight.

7. Savannah, Georgia

Southern Elegance with a Wagging Tail

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah beckons with its Southern charm and dog-friendly vibes. With 44 dog-friendly hotels, including Americas Best Value Inn, you and your dog are in for a treat. The Savannah Dog Park is a must-visit attraction, providing a perfect space for your furry friend to play. Savannah boasts four off-leash dog parks – Mother Matilda Beasley Dog Park, Daffin Park Dog Parks, Herty Pines Dog Park, and Lake Mayer Community Park. Nature lovers, rejoice! Two dog-friendly hiking trails, Skidway Island State Park and Wormsloe State Historic Site, offer a blend of history and adventure. Plus, 24 dog-friendly tours ensure you and your pup can explore this charming city together.

8. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Sandy Toes and Wagging Tails in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a paradise for your pup, offering 20 dog-friendly hotels, including the Best Value Inn Virginia Beach. Two dog-friendly beaches, First Landing State Park Beach and Virginia Beach, cater to water-loving dogs. For off-leash fun, Virginia Beach boasts six dog parks – Woodstock Community Dog Park, City View Park, Red Wing Metro Dog Park, Holly Ridge Manor, False Cape State Park, and Bayville Farms Park. Your dog will be in canine heaven, enjoying the sun, sand, and endless playtime.

9. Williamsburg, Virginia

Historic Charm for You and Your Pooch

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg offers a fantastic retreat for both you and your dog, making it a perfect destination for a memorable getaway. With 14 dog-friendly hotels, including Americas Best Inns Williamsburg, finding a cozy spot for you and your pup is a breeze. The Waller Mill Dog Park, an off-leash haven surrounded by trees, is a picturesque spot where your dog can run, play, and make new furry friends. For pet owners, there are plenty of benches to relax on while your canine companion enjoys some off-leash freedom.

10. Richmond, Virginia

Doggy Delights in the Capital City

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, is a haven for dog lovers, offering a whopping 32 dog-friendly hotels. Whether you’re planning a short visit or an extended stay, Richmond caters to all your dog’s needs. While James River, Richmond’s dog-friendly beach, requires dogs to stay on a leash, there are five off-leash dog parks that truly stand out. Barker Field at Byrd Park, Church Hill Dog Park at Chimborazo Park, Ruff House Dog Park at Rockwood Park, Phideaux Field at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, and Northside Dog Park provide ample space for your pup to socialize, exercise, and have a tail-wagging good time.

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